Orc and Dwarf in combat Rytell - NFT based Play to Earn Fantasy realm built on the Avalanche Network.Orc and Dwarf in combat Rytell - NFT based Play to Earn Fantasy realm built on the Avalanche Network.

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Rytell's innovative approach to both gameplay and DeFi education makes migrating to this new and innovative space simple. The idea of education through fun is a foundational part of the mission as Rytell acts as a way for both new and experienced DeFi enthusiasts to be guided through basic features and strategies as well as challenged through the gameplay and competitive aspects of the Rytell Universe.

rytell seeks to mix the best of defi and gaming

Truly playable NFTs will lead the way into the next step of GameFi. As Rytell Heroes garner more utility stepping into upcoming Player-versus-Player, users will need adapt and implement much needed strategies to best position themselves.

Get involved! Join the community and learn the best strategies, hear upcoming news and more!

Rytell Hero Dwarf Tier 1

Clear out dungeons, upgrade and develop your land, craft weapons worthy of a hero!

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Rytell - Develop Your Land, Build Your Army.

Featured Characters

Rytell Featured Character Chieftain (Jotun)

As the most feared creatures in Rytell, Jotuns command respect and have the most powerful attributes of any hero.

Being one of the oldest races in Rytell, Jotuns of any rank need no introduction amongst friends and foes alike. Only those truly blessed host the blue-eyed giants!

Rytell Featured Character Warlord (Dwarf)

Dwarves can take a beating - they are the ancient enemies of the Jotun race and have a lot to prove after losing their northern homes to their rivals.

Without excessive strength or resources, Dwarves rely on their communities and numbers to ward off enemies.

Rytell Featured Character Viper (Dark Elf)

Dark Elves lurk in the shadowy places of Rytell. Being the darkest of the 3 Elven breakaway races, they are mostly feared.

Most can hold their own in any altercations and choose both their allies and foes wisely.

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