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Rytell Swap Guide

How to Trade AVAX for RADI

To make a Swap, we will need to go to Al. We can find Al by going to the Marketplace and clicking on this character:

Swap in Rytell

This will send us to the Swap, where we can trade our AVAX for RADI or other tokens listed on the platform:

Trade AVAX for Radi or other tokens

In this case, we will buy some RADI using AVAX so we will need to select the currency or token we are trading (AVAX in this case) and the currency we will be receiving (RADI).

Rytell select currency to trade

Then we will input the AVAX amount we will Swap or the Quantity of RADI we want to buy. In this case, we will buy 500 RADI so we will need to input 500 in the RADI box.

Rytell - input the quantity of RADI we want to buy

Once everything is set up to make the transaction we will click “Swap” to confirm the transaction in our Metamask Wallet. A Metamask Notification will pop out in our browser and will ask us to confirm the Transaction in our Wallet. We can now click “Confirm” and wait until the transaction is confirmed by the Avalanche Network.

Rytell Swap Metamask confirmation

After a few seconds, we will receive a notification of the transaction being confirmed and we will receive our tokens. If we open our Metamask Wallet we will see the transaction by clicking on it. Here we will see all the transaction details, including the Transaction ID and the link to view it on the block explorer.

Rytell - Metamask transaction activity
Rytell - Swap AVAC for tokens

Well done! We can now see our Tokens in our Token Balance in the banner above!

Rytell - RADI token balance banner

Want to know more about Rytell?

Rytell is a new NFT MMO project launched in Avalanche that presents a high-fantasy world, introducing lands, playable characters, weapons, resource gathering, and real time PVP/PVE; experience a comfortable gameplay while you get immersed in Rytell’s lore.

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