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What is Rytell?

Rytell is an innovative educational project built with passion on Avalanche that uses strategic game theory combined with crypto-economic based principles.

To enter Rytell, you either mint a premium hero to explore as, or you choose to enter as a free-to-play "Scavenger" to see Rytell as a visitor. Rytell seeks to educate on DeFi topics through simple and fun gameplay. Beginners learn through tutorials to explore the basics while more experienced users can jump right in and start exploring the world Rytell. While exploring Rytell, you may notice hidden clues and valuable information via easter eggs on what is coming next. Rytell seeks to show off the best of Avalanche culture by creating a platform where integration and co-operation between projects and communities is encouraged.

Come experience the best of Avalanche, adventure in Rytell!

Educational at the core

As one of the key aspects of Rytell, education will be at the forefront of our mission.  What better way to learn than to have fun while learning.  Along with in-game tutorials that will lead and guide players, there will be a detailed guide available for anyone who wants to do a deep dive on any particular subject in DeFi.  From swapping to slippage to NFTs, this expansive guide will act as a resource for new and experienced players alike.

Rytell Guide Book

Immersed in lore

Culture is a huge part of Rytell.  With giant sewer monsters, chikn people and more roaming around the lands of Rytell, you never know who you are going to run into.  As partnerships develop and come to fruition, Rytell will continue to expand and become a showcase of the best Avalanche has to offer.  Travelers with keen eyes will notice clues as to what is in store and with Interdimensional Rifts, anyone and anything is possible in Rytell.

Rytell - Al

Rytell will proceed in multiple phases

These will be roughly categorized as follows:

Rytell Roadmap Phase 1

December 2021

Mint Opened- 10,000 Heroes

Rytell Roadmap Phase 2

Q1 2022

Claimable land plots to NFT holders, 1:1 ratio Released in-game marketplace,
RADI Distribution Started
Hero Staking Made Available
Crypto Seals Holders made eligible for Rifts

Rytell Roadmap Phase 3

Q2 2022

Land Staking Goes Live
4 New Resource Emissions (Wheat, Stone, Iron, Metal)
Game Development Announcement
2 Partnership Announcements
Elk/Rytell Event
Surprise Announcements 👀

Rytell Roadmap Phase 4


Full-Force, Player Driven, in-game Economy
Craftable, Upgradeable Items
Governance for new partners, gameplay additions, grants and scholarships
Changing DeFi Forever...